You want to take care
of your mental health?

Are you a worker or entrepreneur looking for psychological help? Perhaps you just want to be better equipped mentally? Find exactly what you need among the resources available on our platform.

A list of tools and resources for you and your well-being

We understand the challenges workers face when it comes to choosing the right tools and resources for their situation. That's why we've created a list of carefully selected tools to help you improve your efficiency, productivity and success.

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Tools at your

Here we maintain a comprehensive list of tools and resources that we use on an as-needed basis or can recommend.

The following list represents just a few of the most common examples. Many tools can be useful to entrepreneurs, but also to workers. As for resources, they can help all kinds of people in need!

Here are a few examples of useful labels:

  • Lifetime : offers alifetimelicense (paid, but not by recurring subscription).
  • Free : 100% free (with no paid version).
  • License : our members can benefit from a license included with our support.
  • Activities : types of activities offered by this resource
  • Zone: geography in which the organization provides services
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